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Website update

As it has been long overdue we have spent some time over the past few weeks updating the website. We've added a bunch of extra media info, updated the general site content, added some more FAQ's and added a bunch of new products to our product pages.

New Updated EFI ECU

We now have a new version of our EFI ECU. This utilises our new interface board which integrates a wide-band AFR controller all within the same case. Integrated wide-band control means that setup and tuning is now much easier. The units ship with a baseline map that will get you up and running. The wide-band sensor then allows you to take advantage of Tuner Studios 'Auto-Tune' feature which helps map out your VE table automagically as you drive. The result is that 95% of your tune can be carried out without needing to visit a dyno or hire a tuner.


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Bluetooth connectivity now standard

  After extensive testing we are now offering Bluetooth connectivity on all of our EFI and Ignition system ECUs Now you can use the Bluetooth connection on your laptop, tablet or phone to connect to the ECU  

Crank Trigger Package

Did you know we can supply crank pulleys with integrated trigger wheels?   Our 36-1 pattern trigger wheels are available with a hidden Hall sensor which works with most major EFI ECUs including Megasquirt, CB Performance, Haltech, Speeduino as well as our own ignition and EFI systems.
First batch of ECU interface boards arrived today. The ECU interface boards are designed to integrate the control relays for fuel pump, injectors and ignition coils along with the wideband controller board onto a single board that fits into the ECU case. The board also terminates in an automotive molex connector that allows for easy (and proper) connection to the wiring loom (no D-Sub connectors here).
e searching for a cost effective hardware solution to upgrade to EFI, we now offer a single throttle body EFI setup. Flowing 60% more than the stock MEXI-EFI setup, our Single Throttle body EFI kit provides a perfect base for your EFI conversion and takes the headache out of trying to source MEXI-EFI hardware.
We have now added an AMR500 based kit for Mexican fuel injection hardware. The MEXI EFI kit uses the existing throttle body and manifolds and integrates an AMR500 supercharger.
Our EFI kits are now available to purchase through the store.
We have been working really hard to bring you a brand new website with an improved web store and technical information. 
Joe Blow is now offering camshafts specifically for blown applications. Differing from both turbo and normally aspirated grinds, our blown cams are designed to help you get the most from your blown set up.
The throttle body from our new EFI kit is now available as a separate purchase. Read on to find out more...