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Crank Trigger Package

Did you know we can supply crank pulleys with integrated trigger wheels?


Our 36-1 pattern trigger wheels are available with a hidden Hall sensor which works with most major EFI ECUs including Megasquirt, CB Performance, Haltech, Speeduino as well as our own ignition and EFI systems.

IMG 4688


Unlike VR sensors the Hall sensor requires no additional signal conditioning as it outputs a clean 5v square wave which means you can connect it directly to your ECU.


IMG 4281


Installation is simple with no need to remove engine or tin or drill holes to fit. The sensor simply bolts onto the existing case stud.


IMG 4285


All pulleys are supplied with the trigger wheel ready fitted along with the crank sensor, stainless steel sensor bracket and a fresh plug and pins so that you can connect it to your existing wiring loom.


IMG 4689


If you are thinking of switching to EFI, why not consider one of our turn-key EFI kits. We offer normally aspirated and blown kits with both single and dual throttle bodies as well as a kit to blow your existing Mexi-EFI set up.

Bluetooth connectivity now standard
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