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EFI ECU Interface Board

First batch of ECU interface boards arrived today.

The ECU interface boards are designed to integrate the control relays for fuel pump, injectors and ignition coils along with the wideband controller board onto a single board that fits into the ECU case. The board also terminates in an automotive molex connector that allows for easy (and proper) connection to the wiring loom (no D-Sub connectors here).



IMG 4652


Integration of the peripheral components onto a single interface board greatly simplifies the construction of our ECU's. Having all of the components on a single board also means that the installation is stronger and less vibration prone which is an important aspect of automotive systems. The reduction in complexity also reduces the amount of work that is needed to assemble and test the ECU, which means that we can pass this cost saving on to the end user, making our ECUs more affordable to buy.


IMG 4654


Not only does this mean that our ECUs are amongst the cheapest on the market, it also means that installation of one of our EFI systems is massively simplified compared to other systems, It's about as close to a plug-and-play solution as you can get.


IMG 4655

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