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Please take a look through the FAQ sections below as many common questions about our products are covered here.

If you do not find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

How much does product X, Y or Z cost?

We offer a range of different kits that are optionally supplied with or without major components to allow you to save some money by sourcing your own parts.

The kits are available to order with or without superchargers, carburettors or EFI systems. In fact we can supply anything from individual components to combination orders comprising of whatever parts you need. 

Pricing for the various kits and kit combinations can be found on the products pages, but if you don't see a particular product or combination listed, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

How do I buy your products?

To place an order for one of our kits, please send your enquiry through to us stating what product you are interested in and your location. You can either use the messenger window at the bottom of the page or email.

On receiving your enquiry we will then be able to give you a firm shipping quote and an indication of current manufacturing times along with a payment link to our payment gateway.

How do I pay?

All payments are processed by our payment provider PayAdvantage. PayAdvantage operate our payment gateway that allows you to pay for your purchases online using your credit or debit card. 

When you want to make a purchase you will be sent a proforma invoice that includes a link to the PayAdvantage payment gateway where you can make payment.

Payments normally take a day or two to clear but may take longer if additional security checks are required. You will be notified by email once the payment has been confirmed in our system.

All supercharger kit orders require a 50% deposit up front with the balance along with shipping payable prior to your order being despatched.

Please confirm manufacture times before placing your order. Generally the average time for manufacture of an AMR500 based supercharger kit is 3-4 weeks.

Do you accept payment via PayPal or direct transfer

Sorry but we only accept payments made via PayAdvantage at this time.

What does it cost in my local currency?

All prices displayed in the store are in Australian dollars only (AU$).

The price will be converted into your own local currency on checkout.

If you want to get an idea of what the price will be in your chosen currency we recommend using an online currency conversion service such as xe.com.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide. 

If you would like a shipping quote please feel free to contact us with your shipping address

How long before my item ships?

All kits are made to order and a manufacture time will usually be given when you place your order.

Generally this is four weeks from the time your payment clears but may be longer or shorter depending on current workload

How long will it take my order to get here?

All orders are shipped via AusPost parcel service. 

AusPost quote 6-10 days worldwide for most destinations.

How much is shipping?

Shipping quotes are available by sending us an enquiry that includes your shipping address and the product you are interested in.

Please send all enquiries by email or messenger

Do you offer parcel tracking?

Tracking is standard on all orders.

When your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number included

How much power will my engine make?

The actual power made will depend a lot on the specification and condition of your engine.

Generally speaking an increase of about 60% is a good estimate

 To give you some idea of what to expect, installing the kit on a stock 1600 twin-port engine increased the output power from 50hp to 83hp. When you consider that a stock 2.0 Type 4 engine makes 71hp you can see that the kit is a worthwhile addition.

You can maximise the power gains if you make other sympathetic modifications to your engine. The following modifications will help you to make the most from your kit

  • Increasing capacity. We recommend no larger than 1776, although some customers have reported good results with 1835
  • Improved head work - We recommend something like the CB performance Panchito 35.5 x 40mm heads
  • Proper merged collector header
  • Boost referenced ignition control. We recommend using one of our crank fired distributorless ignition systems but a CB black box, MSD or similar controller will also work.
  • One of our custom camshafts. - Our cams are developed specifically for use with our supercharger kits and are available in a few different grinds depending on your application.

By employing modifications such as these our customers have managed to see massive improvements. The best results reported so far are 138hp from a 1776.

I have X,Y or Z Carburettor. Can I buy a kit that works with it?

All of our kits are designed around a specific carburettor and blower combination. If your carburettor is the same as that used by our kits, then yes you can use it. We offer variants of all of our kits that do not have carburettors included specifically so that you can use your own.

If you have a carburettor that we do not currently use in one of our existing kits, then we are happy to undertake custom work to make a kit for you.

Do you make a kit for my engine?

Unfortunately at this time we only offer supercharger kits for upright aircooled VW engines. We are however happy to discuss custom work and have made a number of custom supercharger kits for customers ranging from old speed 36hp to modern Mexi EFI.

Shoot us an email with your requirements and we will be in touch.

What are your cam specs?

Unfortunately cam specs are not available to the public.

A cam card is supplied with each cam to assist you with dialling it in.

Lift figures can be provided on request and we are happy to work with you to help you develop your valvetrain requirements.

Is heat an issue?

Heat is not an issue, we regularly get 40+ degree days here in Australia and our test engine is installed in a heavy bus loaded with camper gear. We’ve never had an issue with overheating. We always recommend that an external oil cooler is fitted. As with any performance upgrade - the engine can generate more heat so you need a way to get rid of it.

If you are concerned about heat why not consider fitting one of our crank fired distributorless ignition systems. These will automatically retard the timing when inlet air temperatures exceed the programmed limit

Where can I download the installation manual?

Unfortunately documentation is not available to the general public.

Installation documentation is shipped with each order. It can also be found under the customer downloads section of the website which you will be granted access to after you have purchased the kit

What is involved with installing a kit?

Installation of one of our supercharger kits is relatively straight forwards and can be easily acomplished by anyone who has access to basic tools and is familiar with basic aircooled maintenance such as setting your points and timing and adjusting your valves.

Installation is definitely easier with the engine removed but this is not absolutely necessary.

Basic installation involves the following steps

  • Swap crank pulley
  • Loosen fan shroud and remove existing manifold
  • Install new manifold
  • Remove fuel pump
  • Install supercharger and stand
  • Connect throttle cable
  • Install electric fuel pump
  • Modify distributor.
  • Tune and drive.
Can you install this for me?

Sorry. Unfortunately we do not undertake installations at this time.

We are however, happy to provide advice and assistance via messenger / email with installation and tuning.

Can you recommend an installer?

We do not have any endorsements for installers, however we are happy to speak with your installer and provide assistance to them with the installation and tuning process.

What support is provided?

We provide unlimited support for our kits via the customer support portal on the website for as long as you own the product.

Can I buy spare part X, Y or Z?

We offer spare parts for all components.

To view please visit the web store and check out the 'parts' and 'spares' categories.

If you do not see the part that you need listed, please send us an email with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

What is your return policy?

We provide 12 months warranty from the date of purchase on all of our products against defects in workmanship

Faulty products must be returned to us for repair or replacement at our discretion 

The customer agrees to the cover the costs for all shipping returns

As all orders are custom manufactured, we do not offer refunds or accept returns for 'change of mind'.

Full details can be found within our terms and conditions

What warranty is provided on camshafts?

Cams can be supplied on their own, with lifters or with lifters, springs and retainers.

We are confident that our camshafts are the best available as they are made by Engle to the same standards as all of their camshafts, but unfortunately we are only able to offer the same warranty that our Engle offers us...

Warranty will only be provided on camshafts if purchased together with lifters.

If warranty service is required, how would that be taken care of?

All kits are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Depending on the issue we would have you ship the parts back to us where they would be repaired or replaced as necessary.

More information on our returns and warranty policies can be found in our terms and conditions

What jetting / components / settings / etc are used

All kits are supplied with detailed instruction manual that outlines the specifications for the entire kit including things like carburettor setup and modifications, distributor modification, supercharger oil, spark plug type, pulley ratios and everything else that makes the kit work.

Please don't ask for these details prior to purchase as they will not be given.

We are happy to help you with advice for your own build but please understand that part of the value in purchasing a Joe Blow supercharger kit is that all of the hard work of determining what components work together and how they are set up is already done.

Our kits are dyno proven and have undergone many months of testing in the harsh Australian climate to ensure that the combination of parts simply works. (15,000kms + 4 years so far on our prototype)

Sure, anyone can copy our design and bolt a carburettor and supercharger to an engine and call it done, but getting everything to work together, make power throughout the range and not turn your engine into a grenade is where the real science is.

Don't be fooled by other suppliers that sell you a bunch of parts and leave you to figure out the rest for yourself, or have little more than a fresh prototype on offer. Sure thier price may look appealing, but by the time you have invested a day or more at the dyno trying to figure out how to make it work you would have already spent more than if you had bought a genuine Joe Blow kit.

How do I fit this to a single-port?

The standard manifold diameter supplied will fit the standard 1600 dual-port end castings.

If you have an earlier 40 horse engine (single-port) you can order the kit with a smaller diameter manifold. This then allows you to cut your existing manifold so that you can use the ends to join up to the supercharger manifold.

Another alternative with single-port engines is to purchase cast manifold ends. This will then allow you to use the standard diameter supercharger manifold. The benefit of doing this is two-fold. Not only do they flow more, but should you ever want to move the kit onto a dual-port engine, you will already have the correct manifold size. 

Will your kit work with my existing carburettors?

This really depends on the carburettors.

Draw-through AMR500 kits

The draw-through AMR500 kit is designed to work with a 40mm DCOE or DHLA side draft carburettor. The carburettor will need to be set up to work in this configuration.

If you purchased a kit supplied with this carburettor these modifications are already done, however final tuning will still need to be undertaken by the end user.

If you want to use your own carburettor, full details on how to perform the modifications are included in the documentation supplied with the kit, along with specs on the baseline tune.


Blow-Through AMR500 Kits

The blow-through version of our AMR500 kit works with dual carburettors or throttle bodies such as IDF's, DRLA's or ICT's.

The standard setup runs at about 7-8 psi which will be fine with a standard carburettor in this configuration. However if you want to run higher boost pressures you may need to look at boost prepping the carburettor.

Boost prepping involves adding shaft seals, uprated gaskets and increasing fuel delivery capabilities.

The fuel delivery system will also need to be uprated for a blow through system and a boost referenced fuel pressure regulator used.

Will your kit work on my engine?

The AMR500 kit is designed to work on the later style of upright engine (40hp -> 60hp engines) up to capacities of up to 1776.

THere's a few internet sites that claim the AMR500 will work on larger capacity engines. Whilst the kit will indeed work on a 1915 we do not generally recommend this as you will need to exceed the MAX RPM of the AMR500 blower to make any useable boost. We generally recommend 1776 as the maximum capacity for the AMR500, although we have had several customers with installations on 1835's that have reported good success. 

We also manufacture a kit for earlier 36hp engines. (Case with integrated generator stand). This kit can be supplied with a variety of different carburettor solutions dependent on the use and capacity of the engine.

For larger engine capacities we offer a solution using a centrifugal type blower. This blower can support engine capacities of up to 3 litre / 300hp

We are current in the process of developing a kit for the Type 4 engine, this is aimed at late Type 2 owners or other vehicles that use a Type 4 engine with pancake cooling.

We are also happy to undertake custom work.

How do I fit the trigger wheel?

If you have purchased an ignition kit seperately to your blower kit or have purchased an ignition kit without a pulley, you will need to install the trigger wheel yourself. 

To fit the trigger wheel to your pulley the rear of the pulley will need to be machined. This is a simple operation that can be carried out by any machine shop. The pulley is then drilled and tapped to accept the mounting screws that hold the trigger wheel in place.

Full instructions on how to do this, along with the correct trigger wheel orientation are provided in the documentation supplied with the kit. 


  • N/A kits are shipped with the trigger wheel already mounted to the pulley 
  • Blown kits purchased at the same time as ignition kits will be supplied with one pulley with the trigger wheel pre-mounted.
How do I fit the trigger sensor?

Our EFI and Ignition systems use the same custom sensor and sensor mounting.

Fitting and alignment are simple to carry out.

A printable template is provided that allows you to easily check the alignment of the sensor prior to installing the crank pulley and trigger wheel.

Full instructions are provided in the documentation.

Remote dashboard apps

We recommend MS Droid as the best allround remote dash app to use with our products.


MS Droid offers user editable screen layouts which can be custom configured for landscape and portrait orientation. You can also combine several differnet screen layouts and swipe across to access them as required.

MS Droid also offers access to all tuning parameters and MAPs so you easily tweak your tune on the go without needing to have access to your laptop. You can also generate data logs that can be viewed in Megalogviewer

All of our ECUs will work out-of-the-box with MS Droid

If you do not have access to an Android device, MobiSquirt is an IOS based remote dashboard app that can be made to work with our ECUs.

The big caveat here is that due to the way that Apple devices work, our standard bluetooth communications modules will not communicate with IOS. The solution is to use an optional WiFi module instead of the bluetooth module, this does however complicate the communications process and set up.

MobiSquirt does have user configurable guages but the screen layout is fixed.

If you are an IOS user (as I am too) our recommendation is to consider buying a cheap Android tablet to use with MS Droid as it is far superior in every way.

If you are a PiDash user, our ECU's can be connected via bluetooth, or optionally by request we can fit a Wifi Unit. Provision is also available for connection via USB cable. please discuss options prior to ordering.

What ecu programming software do you use?

Both our EFI and Ignition ECUs use Tuner Studio, the same software as Megasquirt so it is widely supported by many dyno shops.

Our EFI kits can take advantage of some of the great features such as autotune and are supplied with integrated wideband O2 as standard

Tuner Studio is available for free directly from EFI Analytics. You can download Windows / Mac / Linux versions from their website


NOTE: to use the autotune feature you will need to purchase the MS or Ultra version.

It is also possible to use Megalog to 'autotune' from your log files.

What is the general discussion on legality of having a charger on for road use

This is something that you. would need to check with your local jurisdiction. Generally as with any modification it would likely need to be inspected and approved. Modification assessment is usually output power related. - i.e. any increase in power needs to have the same increase in braking & handling.

In a bay Kombi it's pretty easy as it has a similar output to a Type 4 2.0 so you can use 2.0 (late) brakes and you're most likely fine. On other vehicles you would most likely need to have the brakes tested and possibly lane change manoeuvres carried out. These requirements will differ from country to country.

In all cases an engineers report would need to be prepared and submitted. My best advice is to speak to an engineer. In Australia you can find a list of approved engineers on the relevant state motor rego site. In other countries you would need to check with the registering authority.

My question is not answered here...

If you cannot find the answer to your question above, please feel free to get in touch with us.

We can be contacted via email or using the messenger window on the website or Facebook page.