Single TB N/A kit
Single throttle body EFI kit for normally aspirated Type 1 engines
From AU$1200

New 65mm throttle body

Supplied with a brand new 65mm throttle body with TPS and stepper motor idle control valve

EFI Electronics Package

Joe Blow EFI ECU, wiring loom, crank trigger, wideband controller and all required sensors

Superflow inlet manifold

Brand new merged Y-shaped inlet manifold with increased diameter for higher flow.

Ram-Air high flow air filter

Ram-Air conical filter with integrated spun aluminium velocity stack for maximised flow.

DIY Installation

If you can service your bug then you should be able to fit this yourself

Our single throttle N/A kit is designed to make it easy to update your existing carbureted upright engine to EFI. With our solution there is no need to source Mexi-EFI hardware, plus our system flows some 60% more air which makes it great for larger capacity engines.


The full it is supplied with throttle body, sensors, EFI manifold ends, injectors, fuel pump, regulator, coil pack, wideband sensor, plug leads, pre-mapped ECU, wiring loom, crank trigger wheel, silicone manifold boots, heavy duty hardware and a throttle linkage that provides easy hook up to your existing throttle cable, it's practically plug and play.


Utilising our own custom ECU running from Speeduino software and utilising EFI Analytics TunerStudio tuning software, each ECU is pre-loaded with a baseline tune to get you up and running. You can then use the auto-tune feature of TunerStudio along with the supplied wideband sensor to help dial in your tune. 


You can also purchase just the hardware if you plan on using your own ECU. The basic kit is supplied complete with TPS and a Stepper based idle control valve which are compatible with most aftermarket EFI ECUs


This setup also makes a perfect base for a DIY turbo set up - just add a turbo :) 

 Full kit specs:

  • User programmable
  • Bluetooth connectivity (program via laptop or Android device)
  • Auto-tune feature (using supplied wideband sensor)
  • Data-log feature
  • Crank triggered
  • Distributor-less
  • Switchable logic level outputs for ignition (5V or 12V)
  • Supports wasted spark, wasted COP and full sequential ignition (with optional cam sensor)
  • Batch fire or sequential injector firing (with optional cam sensor)
  • Supports dual spark
  • Built in wideband interface
  • CLT / IAT temperature correction tables
  • Stepper based idle air control
  • ALPHA-N or Speed density fuelling algorythms 
  • Voltage / Dwell correction tables
  • Launch control
  • Flat shift
  • Boost control
  • Shift light
  • Fuel pump control
  • Tacho out
  • Water/meth injection control. (PWM via MAP / RPM tables & on/off control)
  • Rev limiters (hard and soft)
  • Overboost protection
  • Remote dashboard compatible - Monitor all system I/O and functions via MSDroid or Shadowdash (MAP, RPM, CLT, IAT, Advance, Dwell, Voltage, etc)

Tuning and setup

  • ECUs are supplied with a baseline tune, this is sufficient to get your engine running but will not be the correct tune for YOUR engine. You WILL need to undertake further tuning to dial the kit in for your engine.
  • We include full instruction on how you can undertake the tuning yourself using the wideband sensor and Auto Tune. It's as easy as taking a drive.



  • We recommend installation in conjunction with a performance exhaust system for best results You will need to add a mounting point in your exhaust system for the wideband sensor, a weld-in sensor bung is included.



  • All Joe Blow Products have a 12 months warranty valid from the date of purchase

All Joe Blow Products have a 12 months warranty

Please note the following:


  • All kits are made to order
  • A 50% deposit is payable in advance
  • Manufacture will commence once deposit has cleared
  • The balance along with shipping is payable prior to despatch
  • Average turnaround is 3-4 weeks
  • Custom finishes will take longer
  • Please confirm turnaround when ordering
  • All items are shipped with AusPost
  • Other carriers are available on request
  • Shipping insurance is not included


To place an order please contact us via messenger or email

This kit is available in three different versions

Basic Kit

AU$1200 SINGLE-EFI-Kit#1
  • Zinc plated steel manifolds
  • 65mm throttle body
  • Heavy duty hose clamps
  • High pressure silicone hoses
  • Throttle cable
  • Ram-air filter

Basic Kit+

AU$1600 SINGLE-EFI-Kit#2
  • Zinc plated steel manifolds
  • 65mm throttle body
  • Heavy duty hose clamps
  • High pressure silicone hoses
  • Throttle cable
  • Ram-Air Filter
  • EFI Manifold end castings

Turn-Key Kit

AU$3500 SINGLE-EFI-Kit#3
  • EFI Electronics package
  • Zinc plated steel manifolds
  • 65mm throttle body
  • Heavy duty hose clamps
  • High pressure silicone hoses
  • Throttle cable
  • Ram Air Filter
  • EFI Manifold end castings
If you want to customise this kit just let us know