Electronic Fuel Injection
EFI kits and components for Aircooled VWs
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We offer a range of EFI solutions to suit different engine configurations.

We have also put together a standard EFI 'electronics' package that can be used across all VW models. The electronics kit can be used with any of the hardware solutions listed below. It can also easily be retrofitted to your existing EFI setup.

If you don't see what you want listed, please give us a shout. We can easily tailor a solution for your needs.

Type 1 normally aspirated kits
EFI kits for normally aspirated Type 1 applications
Type 1 blown kits up to 1776
AMR500 based EFI kits for Type 1 applications
Type 1 blown kits over 1776cc
Supercharger kits for Type 1 based engines over 1776cc
Type 4 based engines
EFI kits for Type 4 based engines.
Electronics & Parts
EFI components - ECUs, looms, sensors etc.